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Broken Chain (East Coast Broadcast)

Broken Chain (East Coast Broadcast)

Broadcast: August 21, 1946
Added: Jul 08 2018

The thought had first occurred to him six months ago and of course he’d shuddered a little, and cast it out. Of course Arnold Stanton respectable businessman, citizen taxpayer would be horrified at such an idea, so he went back to his routine and resolved never to think about it again. But in spite of him the thought did come back two weeks later, then only a week after that, then at more frequent intervals until he found that it popped in to his head at least once every day.

It was worse on weekends when he had to be with Evelyn all the time, when her helplessness, her utter dependence on him for everything rose up and almost smothered him. By now the thought didn’t seem so horrible anymore. It had attained a kind of normal, logical quality and in short, Arnold Stanton was ready to murder his wife…