RUSC Radio - 4th July
Brat, The

Brat, The

Broadcast: 13th July 1936
Added: Feb 11 2014

WARNING: The quality of this recording starts out very bad like it is being turned up and down. Stick with it, it does get better after about 10 minutes. 

Macmillan Forrester is a well to do author who is writing a book called The Brat about the life story of a child of the slum and asks judge Henry if he can bring home a young woman called Peggy who has been arrested for vagrancy. He thinks Peggy will provide the perfect inspiration for his book but love soon follows but with Mac or his brother Stephen? 

35 minutes into the show before the final act fashion designer to the stars Mr Orry Kelly is a guest speaker on the latest styles for Hollywood famous stars. 

CUTS OFF BEFORE THE END! Oh dear I stuck with the bad start, enjoyed the story to discover the ending is missing! It's clear how it is going to end, though, so didn't spoil it too much. If you have a better or complete copy of this show that you can share please email me at Thank You.