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Bottle Imp The

Bottle Imp The

Broadcast: 21st August 1948
Added: Sep 04 2010
The story began one afternoon in San Francisco where a young man was walking on a hill where there are many fine houses. The young man was named Keawe and was from the island of Hawaii. He was admiring a fine house when the owner beckoned him in and offers to sell him a bottle for $50, the bottle which he claims is where all his wealth and beautiful house came from. He tells him an imp lives in the bottle and if any man buys the bottle the imp is at his command. He tells him he is happy to sell it as he has all he wants and is at the end of his life. Then he tells him of a drawback of the bottle, that if a man dies before he sells it he must burn in Hades forever and he must sell the bottle at a loss or it will come back to him like a homing pigeon…

Chosen as his favorite story by actor Ed Wynn

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson (1893)