Book 74, Chapter 01 - Joan Makes A Confession

Book 74, Chapter 01 - Joan Makes A Confession

Broadcast: April 2, 1950
Starring: Carlton E Morse, Tabcin
Added: May 29 2021

A warm noontide sun sharpens the vivid colours of spring in San Francisco. From Father Barbour's garden, the red span of the Golden Gate Bridge seems very close as it reaches majestically into the green hills. Six blocks straight down from the Barbour home, Claudia Lacey is still reveling in Nicky's return from England. Indeed the Lacey household has been quite festive, celebrating Nicky's homecoming, and Joan's 18th birthday - the day when she came into a portion of her inheritance, and it is that inheritance which brings Jack Barbour, briefcase in hand, to the Lacey front door this afternoon...