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Book 43, Chapter 10 - The Rest of the Night

Book 43, Chapter 10 - The Rest of the Night

Broadcast: August 23, 1942
Added: Apr 24 2021

"One Man's Family is dedicated to the mothers and fathers of the younger generation, and their bewildering offspring..."

It feels like a whole packet of firecrackers is exploding under the feet of the Barbour family tonight. This evening, when the family were enjoying the moonlight on the front steps of the big farmhouse when Claudia's young daughter Joelle who was disturbed because from her bed, she had seen a man running across the moonlit stubble field not far from the house. Army intelligence have now been informed, and Nicky and Clifford are out with them now because of their familiarity with the terrain. The Barbours have been ordered to remain indoors and out of the way, and it's here we find them now, waiting for further word...