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Body Snatcher, The

Body Snatcher, The

Broadcast: 5th December 1974
Added: Sep 02 2013

The story is set in 19th century England and is told by Cameron Fergus a drunk and a resurrection man. Poor Cameron Fergus lulled in to the crime of accessory after the fact. Controlled by men wiser in ways of vice than he, who would soon involve him as accessory before the fact. Most doctors of those days were not abut to be trouble about the material they dissected only the few who trafficked in procuring the illegal material were involved in matters of conscience and most of them sad to say found rich enough rewards to still what small worm of morality might squirm within their hearts. The resurrectionists were well paid and those who bought the dreadful merchandise each made their own defences.

Adapted for radio from the Robert Louis Stevenson Classic The Body Snatcher (1884)