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Blanche's Expensive Injury

Blanche's Expensive Injury

Broadcast: 17th July 1951
Added: Nov 08 2013

The program opens with Frances Langford singing Somebody Loves Me. She has the most beautiful voice far removed from her nagging wife character Blanche Bickerson! 

Blanche sprained her ankle and can't get out of bed so is busy giving orders to her husband John. When Doctor Hersey arrives he tells her it is not too bad and the best thing she can do is get up and walk around on it. Oh dear she doesn't want John to think she's incurred the expense of the doctor unnecessarily so she asks him to bandage it up and then she plays on her injury letting John carry on with the chores. Talking to the Doctor she ends up buying his old television set from him and asks him to put the price on his bill. When John gets the bill for $78 he thinks it is for the sprained ankle and goes to see the doctor. The mix up is hilarious!