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Bishop's Candlesticks, The

Bishop's Candlesticks, The

Broadcast: 3rd August 1949
Added: Aug 03 2008

The Bishop’s Candlesticks is the tale of one of fictions most famous criminals Jean Valjean and his strange encounter with a man of god. For stealing a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving family John Val John was sentenced by a French court in the middle 19th century to the dreaded galleys. For attempting to escape his imprisonment was lengthened to 19 years. Then suddenly Jean Valjean was free, free to blink his weakened eyes in the bright glare of the sun, free to roam the streets and villages a stranger to his native land trying to build a new life on the yellow passport of an ex convict…

Author: Victor Hugo. (1862 Les Miserables)

Excellent story