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Bisara of Pooree, The

Bisara of Pooree, The

Broadcast: July 18, 1977
Added: May 05 2015

In our day and age, we are far too sophisticated to believe in magic. So let us talk about magic as magic used to be. The kind of magic you used to find in India before it became a modern nation and was still part of what was known as the British Raj. The time is the year 1891, the place is Simla, the enchanted place in the hills, in which it is said "he who cannot fall in love in Simla will never know love at all". Well John Churton fell in love in Simla with tall, grey eyed Millicent Hollis, daughter of Colonel Hollis, and this is the third day in succession that they are taking tea together at Leyton's on the Pavilion.