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Birdsong For A Murderer

Birdsong For A Murderer

Broadcast: 22nd June 1952
Added: Oct 27 2009
Mr Warner wasn’t very happy when he was young but not at least he wasn’t unhappy. He loves his canary birds and listening to them sing he gets as close to happiness as he can ever get. Then late one stormy night there is a knock at the door. It is Chester Brool who used to work at Cragmount asylum for the insane. He tells Mr Warner that a funny thing happened before he left Cragmount, that a homicidal maniac had escaped, a man who could only be calmed by the sound of canaries. He knows it is Mr Warner and threatens to uncover him unless he gives him $5000 by tomorrow morning. But Mr Warner can’t wait until the morning and calls upon Chester Brool that night…