Birds, The

Birds, The

Broadcast: February 26, 1938
Added: Feb 28 2021
The Birds  (Órnithes) is a satiric comedy by the Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes. As quick as thought the centuries are eliminated and you are asked to be seated in the outdoor theater Dionysia 414 years before the birth of Christ as though you are there in Athens to listen to the play being performed. The comic plot of The Birds deals with two old Athenians Euelpides and 

Pisthetaerus who are disgusted with their government and life in general. They set out guided by a crow and a jay to consult Tereus the Hoopoe bird who once was human but through strategy became King of the Birds. From him the disgruntled Greeks hope to be directed to a utopia. 

The scene is set as for you and describe in its magnificence as it would have been displayed at the time. 

"The Birds has been acclaimed by modern critics as a perfectly realized fantasy remarkable for its mimicry of birds and for the gaiety of its songs."