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Big Smear, The

Big Smear, The

Broadcast: December 30, 1951
Added: Sep 03 2020

You are about to hear the story of a United States Senator. You are going behind the scenes of political Washington in to the senate chambers, the cloakrooms of private offices, the meetings - secret and public.  The locales and the backgrounds are factual. Only the names and the stories are fictional.

The big news in Washington at this particular moment concerns one of the most important privileges granted to United States Senator, a privilege that's essential to the basic principles of good government, namely, the Senate's right to say no to the president of the United States. When the president chooses a man for a vital government post for example, it's up to the Senate to say aye or nay to the appointment. Often this inspires heated debates in the Senate chamber.  Right now on the floor of the Senate chamber in Washington the debate concerns the president's recommendation of Arthur Andes for an important defense post.