Big Brain

Big Brain

Broadcast: 14th March 1950
Starring: Maurice Tarplin
Added: Jun 13 2001
The story begins in one of the manufacturing plants in the Worldwide Business Machines Corporation. In one wing of the plant is housed the huge laboratory where newly designed and experimental calculating machines are built and tested. It is evening, and the vast laboratory with the small rows of intricate looking machines is deserted except for a young university professor Lester DeWitt who is tall, lanky and in his early 30s. DeWitt stands before a massive machine that dwarfs all others in the laboratory. Swiftly and efficiently he presses tabulating keys on the control board, oblivious of all else.

Written, produced, and directed by Robert A. Arthur and David Kogan and starring Leon Janny and Marilyn Erskin.

Reviewed by Kitty