RUSC Radio - 4th July
Between Americans

Between Americans

Broadcast: July 6, 1941
Added: Jun 22 2020

America means a lot of things to a lot of people. Most Americans are solid patriots only they don't know it. They don't have to wear a red white and blue button in their lapels to prove it. 

Have you ever asked yourself what America means to you? does it mean 1776, big business, The Bill of Rights, Uncle Sam? Chances are it means none of these things. Chances are it means something very personal  to each of you. Something close to your heart that you'd miss if you were stranded abroad. America is all of things to all of people. 

In this essay Norman Corwin imagines what America might mean to different people of America, from the native Indians, our forefathers, politicians, workers and immigrants, from all walks of life.

This is the 10th of 26 By Norman Corwin.

NOTE: Cuts off slightly short of the ending at 24:03 minutes