Benjamin Franklin Murder Case

Benjamin Franklin Murder Case

Broadcast: 7th April 1975
Added: Sep 21 2013

Benjamin Franklin was a writer, a publisher, a philosopher, a diplomat, an inventor, a scientist and according to the French who should know something about it, he was a formidable lover. So, you should not be too surprised to discover that Benjamin Franklin was also a detective. 

The year is 1750.A man named Amis Chivers solicits the advice of Ben Franklin, follows it and is killed or at least he is dead because he did so. Ben Franklin turns detective to discover whether Chivers was murdered in the old Clements mansion or whether he died of fright. The Ghost of Captain William Clements returns to his mansion house in Philadelphia. He says he wants to kill Ben Franklin as he accuses him of been a publisher of lies and damns him to publish them in hell.