Battle of the Century - Episode 12

Battle of the Century - Episode 12

Broadcast: 14th February 1950
Starring: Russell Thorson
Added: Oct 15 2002
Last night while Reggie and Jack slept in the rear seat of the car Doc tried for a short cut, ran the car on to a private road some 10 miles from civilization and turned it over in a ditch. The trio, making the best of it found a haystack and turned in for the night. Shortly after dawn as they lay awake discussing means of getting help and breakfast, a girl on foot approached up the road. Suddenly she saw the dust of a car behind her and in panic rushed to the haystack and burrowed herself in unaware of the trio above. The approaching car was on the point of speeding past when the driver saw the boys car in the ditch and pulled up to examine it. Then their attention turned to the haystack and Jack was afraid they would discover the girl and decided they had best approach the occupants of the car.