Cinnamon Bear
Barker, The

Barker, The

Broadcast: July 20, 1936
Added: Aug 14 2022
It was standing room only on this Monday evening in July 1936 when these stars repeated what they and Norman Foster had spent ten months on Broadway doing, before they finally made it to Hollywood. So, with a bit of luck they should remember their lines this evening. Claudette plays the part of a snake charmer and Walter Huston is Nifty Miller, the Barker. Nifty has a relationship going with Princess Kalima, the hula hula dancer otherwise known as Carrie. She was hoping they would soon get spliced but Nifty is keen to save his money and put his son through law school. His son Chris turns up unexpectedly and when Nifty spends a bit of time with him, he realizes that he is going to have a problem keeping him interested in the legal side of his education, because the boy suddenly realizes there are some pretty ladies around in the show. Nifty decides to end the affair with Carrie in order to make certain the kid follows his planned career. Needless to say Carrie becomes bitter and persuades the snake charmer to do a little bit of charming, in the kids direction. I guess that’s as much as you need to know, for now. 

Reviewed by Chas