Banquo's Chair

Banquo's Chair

Broadcast: 1st June 1943
Added: Aug 16 2008

Sir William Brent is the ex-head of the English Criminal Investigation. Arthur Grange knew him well and he always terrified him with his cold face, particularly his eyes. When he looked at you, you flushed with guilt. Sir William was the scourge of criminals, coldly unemotional and utterly without fear or passion. He tracked them down mercilessly and never lost a case. There was no feeling in him, no pity, no hate, nothing but terrifying cold intelligence and he was deadly to everyone he went after. Arthur Grange tells us about his last case, a case that even recalling it sends shudders through him. Grange witnessed it in all its dreadful details and wished he never had…

Story by: Rupert Croft-Cook

This is Suspense at its best!