Bad Man The

Bad Man The

Broadcast: 19th May 1939
Added: Jul 13 2012
The Bad Man is a story which will take you back to a time when romance of the gun-toting bandit chasing variety was not yet dead on our frontiers, when stealing a horse was a more serious offence than committing homicide and when the night raiders descended on the one street Texas towns igniting the shadows with gunfire and stirring up the border citizens with raids and mayhem. In those not so far distant days the gun-toter was likely to be a real man, a popular hero. Life was more direct on the border, the bandit had his code, which was a semi-honorable collection of prejudices but what was important was that it was adhered to.

The title character in this Broadway comedy written by Porter Emerson Browne is Pancho Lopez who was styled on the real life Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa.

Producer: Orson Welles

Announcer: Ernest Chappell