Babes In Arms

Babes In Arms

Broadcast: 9th November 1941
Added: Nov 16 2012

Two great young stars Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland portray Mickey Moran and Patsi Barton respectively, two youngsters who can’t stay away from the theatre and can’t stay away from music.

Mickey Moran is a talented singer and musician and son of a veteran from the show business. Mickey has a partner, Patsi Barton, a pretty girl and also a very talented singer. One day, a big opportunity arrives for Mickey, a big contract to set up his own show. However, things don't go well, and in order to avoid being sent to a work farm, he'll improvise a show in the country, despite the awful weather conditions. Patsi's in love with Mickey, he loves her too, but for him the show must go on, and his big dream maybe will come true ...