Audition Show

Audition Show

Broadcast: July 10, 1946
Added: Jul 12 2020

This was the first Fitch Bandwagon show with Phil Harris and Alice Faye as the regular stars.  

Phil Harris sings Doin' What Comes Naturally and Alice Faye sings Irving Berlin's They Say It's Wonderful and later Goodnight, My Love. Alice Faye has such a beautiful singing voice. 

Alice has accidentally backed the car over her daughter little Alice's favorite doll Hildegarde. Phil is going to break it to her gently and ends up telling her that her doll is in hospital. Now baby Alice wants to call the hospital to see how Hildergarde is!

Phil tells little Alice and Phyllis the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

I loved this show it has such a cozy homely family feel.