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Audition Eve Arden

Audition Eve Arden

Broadcast: June 23, 1948
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Our Miss Brooks is a school teacher. She's been teaching English at Madison High for about five years now. In spite of the fact that she doesn't make a lot of money, Connie is very fond of her work. In fact, in her own words "Teaching school can be a very rich life for a young woman. That is, if she happens to be a very rich young woman! Of course I'm not rich, but I am rather young, and rather a woman too. Which brings us to Mr Boignton... He's the Biology teacher at school. Surely a studious Biology teacher must sooner or later get a little biological? Meanwhile, I can dream can't I?" Which is what's happening right now... But she needs to wake up soon, it's the first day of the new principal, Osgood Conklin.