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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Broadcast: December 14, 1947
Starring: John Daly
Added: Apr 14 2015

John Daly takes us back to April 14th 1865, outside Ford's Theater, Washington D.C. The damp and misty weather outside has not dampened the ardour of the crowds, who for four long days have been wildly celebrating the surrender of General Lee to General Grant. The people here are in high spirits, gathered outside Ford's Theater which is a three story, red brick stone building, windows and entrances in grey. The saloons on either side of the theater are overflowing with the celebrants, and the windows and doors of the houses along the street are open, people hanging out of them for a look at the President as he arrives to watch the play Our American Cousins. All things are as they were then, except You Are There