Assassination Of Leon Trotsky, The

Assassination Of Leon Trotsky, The

Broadcast: 9th June 1954
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Thomas Hyland, connoisseur of crime, student of violence and teller of murders tells another true story of crime. Here is Thomas Hyland’s report to you on Assassination Of Leon Trotsky . Leon Trotsky, revolutionist and son of a farmer was born in Russia in 1879 and died in Mexico City in 1940. When he was a teenager he came across a volume written by a German named Karl Marx and immediately Leon’s path was set. Before he was 20 he was arrested as a radical and sent to Siberia. In 1902 he escaped and went in to exile from France to Belgim to Germany and finally to England always preaching his doctrine of world revolution. In London he met Lenin and the lasting conspiracy for evil was born.

Adapted from original court reports and newspaper accounts of the time by: Morton Fine & David Freidkin

Produced and directed by: Elliott Lewis