Ask of Thyself

Ask of Thyself

Broadcast: 15th November 1947
Added: Oct 21 2013

Marsha Lord's home had always worn an air of friendliness that beckoned over a profusion of garden blossoms and a low neatly trimmed hedge. But recently the garden blooms have had to display their perfumed beauty in a setting of ever encroaching weeds, a reminder that Major Jim Lord was in another country helping to straighten the shambles left by World War II. 

Marsha thought her problems were solved when out of the blue a man called at her door and offered to tend her garden. When she looked at him she thought he must be the ugliest man in the world but his voice was gentle so she decided to let him stay on. However when a neighbor is discovered dead Marsha suspects that her gardener with his ugliness is responsible. This is a tragic story with a thought provoking final.