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Arranging Trip Home (0971)

Arranging Trip Home (0971)

Broadcast: 5th June 1941
Starring: Gertrude Berg
Added: Oct 20 2003
The Golbergs are going home. Back to Lastonbury and the peace and quiet of the town that Molly loves so much. But Sammy is not going home as Sylvia’s husband, Sammy is being moved carefully and gently across the miles back to Lastonbury to get well after the terrible accident in which Sylvia drove him. Sylvia has begged Molly to let her go back to Lastonbury with the Goldbergs but Molly knows Sammy’s true feelings, how he pities this girl who nearly destroyed his life and he feels in some way that he too is responsible for everything that happened, so much that he still wants to marry Sylvia. It’s hard for Molly to say yes to Sylvia but then again she feels that Sammy’s wishes are paramount.