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Argyle Album, The

Argyle Album, The

Broadcast: 13th December 1945
Starring: Robert Taylor
Added: Dec 08 2008

Back when Harry Mitchell got his first job on The Herald Alan Pierce was its star reporter. A little later he went to Washington and became top dog of all syndicated political columnists. Pierce could tell you what the President said when he didn’t like his breakfast and who was getting paid off for what, by whom and for how much. He was a national big shot so naturally him coming back to the hometown last January got local front page especially since the first thing that happened he checks in to the hospital from a heart attack he suffered on the train right as it pulled in to the station, quite an entrance, just when 22 million anxious readers were waiting for his promised expose of the content s of the Argyle Album, the thing he’d been building up in his columns for the two weeks before…

Produced, edited and directed by William Spier.