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Another Mans Poison

Another Mans Poison

Broadcast: 17th May 1951
Added: Apr 17 2009
Another Man’s Poison is a story of desperation and terror starring Charles Boyer as Claude Bouget a man who finds $98, 000 in a brown paper bag on his way home. He has to decide what to do with it but his wife tells him he must give it to the police. Claude said he must protect the interest of his family, as it was more cash than he had ever seen in one time. It was a lot of money for a man who had never earned more than $7,600 in one year. He approaches his solicitor who tells him that if a genuine claim has not been made for the money within 12 months then the money will become his. Now he must decide whether to hand the money over to the police for the year or to take the risk of keeping the money in his possession. The lieutenant tells him that there are strangers who will not believe that he has simply found that amount of money. He advises him that the money may buy him a lot of things but not a new neck. Unwisely he still decides on keeping the money in his possession.