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Amos The Driving Instructor

Amos The Driving Instructor

Broadcast: 23rd February 1947
Added: Sep 26 2011

From Hollywood Drene Shampoo sponsors of Drene Time otherwise known as the Bickersons bring you 30-minutes of entertainment with wonderful singing from Frances Langford, lots of comedy and a sketch featuring Don Ameche and Francis Langford as John and Blanche Bickerson in The Honeymoon is Over with Danny Thomas as brother Amos.

Blanche Bickerson lays rigid and awake as John, her husband, sleeps on. Blanche is complaining, again. Amos had taken Blanche on a driving lesson in the new car the previous day and crashed into a police car. When they attempted to arrest him he punched the police officer. Now he is in jail and she wants John to bail him out.

Produced by: Carlton Alsop