All About Eve

All About Eve

Broadcast: 1st October 1951
Added: Aug 02 2005

In his introduction the producer William Keighley says, When I was directing plays on the New York stage I had a first hand opportunity to watch the frantic struggle of young actresses to attain stardom in the theatre, but none that I knew at least used the tactics of the young woman in our play tonight, All About Eve. I first read about Eve’s unorthodox behaviour in a magazine story by Mary Orr entitled The Wisdom of Eve and I was delighted to see Twentieth Century Fox turn it in to the award winning picture of 1950. A portion of this honor may be attributed the unforgettable performances of Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, and Gary Merrill.

Lux is happy to present them tonight in their original roles along with Reginald Gardner as the malicious critic.