RUSC Radio - 4th July
Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

Broadcast: 31st January 1948
Added: Jan 31 2010

Ronald Coleman invites you to radio’s most dramatic half hour with Alice In Wonderland as the chosen Favorite Story.

On the 4th July in 1862 the Reverend Charles Dodgson took the afternoon from lecturing on mathematics at Oxford and went rowing with the small daughters of the dean. On the riverbank in the shadow of a haystack all in the golden afternoon this young man began to spin a story. Prodded by his best listener a little girl named Alice Liddel he went on to spin more tales about another Alice, a young lady who fell down a rabbit hole and emerged in a land as magical and wonderful as any child has dreamed.

The Reverend Dodgson was afraid the officials at Oxford might raise their eyebrows at a mathematics professor who told stories of rabbits carrying gold watches in their coat pockets a so for wonderland purposes he called himself Lewis Carroll.

Chosen as his favorite story by Irving Berlin.