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Alibi, The

Alibi, The

Broadcast: 25th October 1942
Starring: Marvin Miller
Added: Jun 13 2001
Poor Henry Farrington paces the library floor. Through his mind run the events of the past twenty years from the day when he married the wealthy young widow Agatha Durrant. Henry hadn't a dollar of his own then, nothing but charm. He still hasn’t a dollar of his own and now has very little charm. Henry was a struggling artist but Agatha was a business woman and was determined to make Henry into a businessman. Agatha backed him in venture after venture, bossing him and completely dominating his every moment but Henry experienced nothing but failure and gradually Agatha's love turned to disgust and now 20 years later his artistic talent long since vanished he realizes what a wreck Agatha has made of him. Listen to the consequences.