Alias Nick Beale

Alias Nick Beale

Broadcast: 28th December 1950
Added: Dec 26 2013

Alias Nick Beale is an adaptation of a compelling play on good and evil starring Ray Milland in the title role from the original 1949 Paramount Pictures screen hit Also known as The Contact Man

District attorney Joe Foster is a good man who wants to clean the city up of crooked men like Hanson. He commented that he'd give his soul to nail Hanson and that is just about what he does when he meets a man down at the docks named Nick Beale who offers to help him. Nick Beale strangely knows a lot about Joe Foster, knows that he offered to give his soul to catch Hanson. Nick Beale could be the devil himself and it takes Foster's friend a Reverend Garfield to save him from Beale.