Alderman The

Alderman The

Broadcast: 27th August 1952
Starring: Carlton KaDell
Added: Aug 31 2007
Peter Grant is being blackmailed by his secretary Karen Wells and he has paid her $20,000 to prevent her telling his wife about his indiscretions. But he had borrowed $15000 of that money from Sidney Bonden who now wanted his money back and Grant feared that Bonden may kill him if he didn’t get the money soon. Grant depressed and not knowing what to do tells his wife everything and plans to mortgage their house and insurance to get the money and hopes that when he runs for election as Alderman they will be able to recover from this situation. Then Kevin Astio turns up and warns him not to rerun for election again but doing that would mean he couldn’t get the loans he needed. When Grant is killed Jonathan Kegg is called in to cross examine the witnesses including Grant’s neighbour who had called to borrow some milk moments before he was shot.