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After The Movies

After The Movies

Broadcast: 7th December 1950
Starring: Ray Milland
Added: Dec 04 2008

Al had been called to jury duty a couple of weeks before all this happened. It was one of those sensational trials and the judge told the jurors not to go out in any public places where they might be approached so Al had been sticking pretty close to the hotel. It was a real treat when they said they were free for a couple of days because of witness protection. Al decided to go to the movies with his wife Anne and went to the early show at the movies across the road from the hotel and got out at about 9.30 and decided to get some ice cream. Al went in to the drugstore opposite the hotel he was staying in and the assistant tried to make conversation about the trial that Al was sitting. In the drugstore Anne bent down to pick up an envelope on the floor. They were surprised to find that there was $10,000 in it and a note, which seemed like a bribe to someone. Anne was worried that it involved someone who was on the same jury Al was on and tells Al to report it to the police. Shortly after two men with a gun turn up to collect the envelope and they are not the police.