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Adventures Of Topper, The

Adventures Of Topper, The

The Adventures of Topper is a situation comedy based on the hilarious novel by Thorne Smith.

Cosmo Topper is the President of a Bank whose life has been complicated by a pair of dizzy ghosts, George and Marian Kerby who had died in an automobile accident when their car hit a tree but they couldn’t get to heaven and remained on earth as low plain spirits. They had befriended Cosmo Topper, and would appear to him and only him out of thin air and of course when he talked to them he would appear to others to be talking to himself placing him in many embarrassing and highly amusing situations!

The radio series only ran for the Summer of 1945 before becoming one of the early successes on TV. Unfortunately there are only a few episodes still in existence to which Ned and I have only 2. If you do have any other episodes we would sure love to receive them to share on RUSC.

Broadcast: 5th July 1945
Starring: Roland Young
Added: Sep 17 2004
Broadcast: 30th August 1945
Starring: Roland Young
Added: Oct 01 2004
Broadcast: 6th September 1945
Starring: Roland Young
Added: Sep 24 2004