Abroad With the Lockharts

Abroad With the Lockharts

Abroad With The Lockharts was a syndicated situation comedy first broadcast in October 1930 in Denver. It was both an adventure and romance soap opera, and was a popular favorite throughout the midwest.

The series featured Mr & Mrs Lockhart planning, and embarking upon, their summer vacation to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Will Lockhart, the hardworking Chicago businessman, wants nothing more than to go on a nice, relaxing fishing trip. But Mrs Lockhart is tired of fishing trips, and feels that they are long overdue a trip to Europe, since most of her friends at the womens club she attends have already traveled there.

She has planned her ambush well, and is ready with an answer to every rebuttal from Will. He doesn't stand a chance, and resigns himself to being dragged all over the cities of Europe for fifty days. 

Each episode of Abroad With The Lockharts is an absolute joy to listen to, both for their hilarious husband-wife rapport, and the experiences they have on the cruise and later in the UK and Europe.  

Broadcast: November 21st 1931
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