Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Broadcast: February 8, 1948
Added: Feb 17 2014

The Ford Theater Company brings you the first part of a two hour drama about the life of Abraham Lincoln. This is a first for radio because although this first hour is an adaption of an earlier work by Robert E Sherwood, the second was written exclusively by adapter Max Wylie.

This first part deals with the early life of Abe Lincoln as he grew to maturity both as a man as well as a statesman in Illinois. We hear how a young debt-ridden man who seemed to be in a cycle of hard work with little success managed to rise to the highest office in the land. We find out what manner of moments conspired up to propel an unknown postmaster forward though adversity and hardship and we learn what effect honesty, ingenuity, integrity and humility can have on those around you. There may be some poetic license in this work of literature but something tells me that key moments in his life (like the possibility of true love propelling him into politics) are the simple truth.

For anyone wishing to gain an understanding of the life of Abraham Lincoln could do a lot worse than listen to this strangely compelling drama about the humble and sometimes confused early life of one of the most significant men in history.

Note: The second instalment, Abe Lincoln in Washington is not available. I may have it on cassette but have not come across it yet.