311 Southgate

311 Southgate

Broadcast: 12th April 1954
Starring: Donn Reid
Added: Mar 09 2008

Night Watch is a crime “documentary” that highlights real footage of real cases. The crimes were caught on tape as reporter Donn Reid wore a wire and rode along with police office Sergeant Ron Perkins on the night shift – from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. when crimes were most likely to occur. It is completely unscripted with no special effects or any other kind of soundtrack. It is simply the sounds and the voices of your police force in action in real situations, which are often exciting and dramatic. In fact, Donn Reid was shot at in one episode and he was also stabbed in a different episode.

A 311 is a police reference for indecent exposure. Be warned this episode is a bit too raw for family entertainment.