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20th Century Fox Presents

20th Century Fox Presents

The 'Twentieth Century Fox Presents' radio series were broadcast between 1936 and 1942. More often than not, the shows were a radio preview featuring a medley of the songs and soundtracks from the latest movie being released into the theaters, much like the modern day movie trailers we now see on TV, to encourage folks to head down to their nearest Picture House.

The radio shows featured the original stars, with the announcer narrating a wonderful lead up to their performance, which really encapsulated the performance, such as in the show, 'Irene'. 

"Almost everybody who has listened to a radio has heard the haunting melodies of Alice Blue Gown. Written 21 years ago, it has remained the popular classic ballad during all these years. Deciding to make this tune the main feature number of his picture, producer Wilcox garnered all the resources of Hollywood to make this, one of the greatest production numbers of all time. Photographed entirely in dazzling technicolor, and wearing her Alice Blue Gown, Anna Neagle sings..." (who then begins to sing the opening notes of the song).


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