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200,000 Dollar Bundle Case, The

200,000 Dollar Bundle Case, The

Broadcast: 24th September 1949
Added: Jun 06 2010
Two men come round to Richard Diamonds place and demand he give them the bundle. Diamond doesn’t know what they are talking about and ends up beaten up and knocked unconscious. When he comes to a woman is there and wants him to guard something for her. When he asks her if she has anything to do with the two gorillas that roughed him over she denies it. For $500 he agrees to guard the package for her but as soon as he picks up the bag for her from the locker a man produces a gun on him and demands the bag. The bag is too light to be holding anything worth losing his life for and at that moment the Lieutenant turns up and kills the man. The woman had called him to tell him that Diamond was about to pick up the bag from a locker and that someone would be there to kill him.