(52) Murder Is Forecast (AUS)

(52) Murder Is Forecast (AUS)

Broadcast: August 11, 1955
Added: Aug 29 2022

It was the end of a hectic day, and the Fat Man felt like he needed a bit of a rest. It was a little after 9pm when he reached home, but there was a new shipment of trouble waiting outside his front door... Ex-con Rusty Giles needs protection for a couple of hours and offers Brad Runyon The Fat Man $200, that's one hundred dollars an hour, after a fortune teller tells Giles he'll be murdered by eleven pm. At eleven pm Giles leaves Runyon's apartment then shots are fired on the street. Runyon looked out of the window as a bell clock rang eleven. It seems that Giles just had his palm read and the fortune teller hit it right on the nose the only thing she forgot to tell him was that his watch was fast.

Final episode.