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(07) Final Thrust - Victory in Europe

(07) Final Thrust - Victory in Europe

Broadcast: 1969-1970
Added: Nov 16 2013

By early August of 1944 General Dwight Eisenhower had moved his headquarters from England to France, a tent camp set up in an apple orchard, and from there the man who commanded all the allied forces directed the war in Europe. 

Biographer Ken Davis was a correspondent then and you will hear his reflections of that time in camp headquarters. 

It was Russia that finally marched on Berlin as there was no possibility of the American allies getting there before the Russians so why should they try. Churchill thought it would be good for prestige for the Western troops to get there first but Eisenhower rightly thought there was not much point in losing mens lives for purposes of Western prestige. 

As allied forces poured into Germany and the Russians from the east the German army all but collapsed. On 30th April 1945 Hitler killed himself. The nazi era ended. On May 7th 1945 Germany surrenders to the United Nations and the flags of freedom fly all over Europe.