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(05) D Day - The Prelude

(05) D Day - The Prelude

Added: Nov 14 2013

April 1942 Hitler's war machine was driving toward the Caucasus on the west while Rommel's Africa corps neared El Alamein and the fear was a nazi link up between those two. There continued intelligence reports of German heavy water production in Norway. The allies were in the shadows of what General Marshall called a very black hour. 

In Washington the assistant chief of staff in charge of war plans, Major General Dwight Eisenhower, drafted a plan to strike a major blow against the Germans in Europe. It called for a cross Channel invasion in France on the Normandy beaches. It was the beginning of what was to be the biggest military operation in history. It would take two years of planning, building and preparation and D-Day would mark the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany.

This episode contains actual CBS interviews with Ike Eisenhower.