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(02) Ravine, The

(02) Ravine, The

Broadcast: June 29, 1989
Added: May 26 2015

Three women have either died or have disappeared in the last two months, with Elizabeth Ramsell the most recent to disappear. Most people are scared, and fear a serial killer is on the loose, but Francine and Lavinia are friends, heading out for a night at the Elite Theater to see Charlie Chaplin, and they're going to take the route through the Ravine. The Ravine smelled like a greenhouse of secret vapors, and ancient washed shales and quicksands, and not very far into their journey, in the shade of warm trees, with their hands at either side of her like the oars of a delicate craft, lay the lifeless Elizabeth Ransell, her face moonlit, her eyes wide and like flint. Her tongue sticking from her mouth..