(01) Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebublians

(01) Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebublians

Broadcast: 29th November 1938
Starring: Various
Added: Dec 01 2007
This is the story of a wee little boy who has just turned six, and what happened to him is not just fiddlesticks, for right here we make the promise, it could’ve happened to you if you were not you, but instead were Jonathan Thomas who said his prayers, every night upstairs, and jumped in to bed clear up to his head and snuggled and juggled and ruggled and chuggled because Christmas wasn’t very far off. And was as good as he could as other boys would if Christmas was coming so soon. For if he was bad and not merry and glad his dad would not like such a lad and be sad and even a bit mad and not read fairy tales in his room for the moon disgustingly listened to his weepings and his wails. But here is the story and it’s true don’t you worry, ‘cos remember I made you the promise it’s as true as true blue and could’ve happened to you if it hadn’t happened to Jonathan Thomas…