(01) Edward the Elder

(01) Edward the Elder

Added: Jan 30 2016

Under this inspiring title, conjuring up as it does in the mind's eye, the pageantry, the drama and romance which threads itself through the history of the British Empire, we will, through the magic of radio, relive great scenes from the lives of England's great Kings and Queens. No imagination, however fertile, however fantastic, could create fiction more thrilling, more dramatic, more romantic than these true stories of the rulers of England, which from a tiny island of warring tribes became the mightiest empire on the face of the globe. At the head of this noble cavalcade, is Edward the Elder, the first King of England. Edward was born in the year 877AD. He was the son of Alfred, one of the noblest rulers that ever sat upon a throne, and who, when our story opens, lies dying from a painful disease which has tormented him all of his life. He has summoned his son Edward, and his daughter Æthelflæd to his bedside...