The RUSC Guide to Old-Time-Radio and Using RUSC

Here's what's in the RUSC Guide to Old Time Radio: 

Guide to Old Time Radio
  • Chapter 1 - History of old time radio
  • Chapter 2 - Old radio show genres
  • Chapter 3 - Quick Guide
  • Chapter 4 - A tour ofRUSC
  • Chapter 5 - How to Download
  • Chapter 6 - Listening to shows
  • Chapter 7 - Transferring to CD
  • Chapter 8 - Books on Old Time Radio
  • Chapter 9 - Useful Software
  • Chapter 10 - Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Downloading:

There are two versions of the book. The easiest one to use is the compiled version which will open up on your screen and look very similar to a real book, complete with pages that turn over. Unfortunately, it will only work on PCs so if you have a Mac please see below:

PC Users:

The file is in an executable format (i.e. .EXE) so to download it just follow these three steps:

1. Right click on the link below and select "Save Target As"

2. Choose a location on your hard drive where you want to put it

3. Once the download has completed go to the folder where you stored it and double click on the file name OTR Guide V2.exe

Here's the link: (1.5 meg)

Mac Users or PC users who prefer PDF files:

This above format will only work on PCs so if you have a Mac you would need to download the pdf version. Here's the link: (2.9 meg)

If you have any troubles downloading this ebook please do let me know at and I'll get straight onto it.

Happy reading and happy listening

Ned Norris