High Adventure

High Adventure

High Adventure was a Mutual Network mystery and detective series, which followed the formula of the popular CBS offering, Escape.

Each story was supposedly based upon an original tale, written and directed for the High Adventure Society by Robert Monroea New York radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness.

The tales were realistic and remarkably believable, in contrast to the many stories found on Escape - well - except for the occasional supernatural inclusion!

The outcome of every story hinged upon the 'normal' star of the show, propelled from their normal life into highly unusual circumstances, whose success would be wholly dependent on their own strength of character, as much as their luck or expertise. 

NBC took over the Mutual Network offering in 1949, before dropping it at the end of the 1950 season, but it was then revived by Mutual again in January, 1953, with the newer versions featuring George Sanders as the host and narrator. 

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Broadcast: March 22, 1947
Starring: Robert Monroe
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Broadcast: April 7, 1948
Starring: Robert Monroe
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Broadcast: January 29, 1950
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Broadcast: February 26, 1950
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Broadcast: February 17, 1953
Starring: Robert Monroe
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Broadcast: February 16, 1954
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Broadcast: March 30, 1954
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Broadcast: April 6, 1954
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Broadcast: April 25, 1981
Starring: Ron Evans
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